Network Security Assessment

Protect what matters most to your growing business in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas

There are very few business activities that don’t rely on your computer network, email and data. When any of these components stop working, business grinds to a screeching, frustrating halt.

With viruses and hackers becoming more sophisticated (and smarter) about accessing your network, you simply cannot afford to NOT assess the health and security of your IT infrastructure.

Our network security assessment tools can help you determine the health, security, and reliability of your computer network. Through daily monitoring of your entire office systems, you will see firsthand a snapshot of:

  • The security of your network against viruses and spyware
  • The performance and security of your employees' desktops and laptops
  • If your backups are actually working
  • Any looming problems in hardware malfunctions, space issues, performance, and more.

To protect your business, start with a Network Security Assessment from Invisik.

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