Common Services

Common Cloud Options

The cloud comes in many forms, but the common tie is they are all self-managed and available without big upfront cost. Some common cloud service options include:

  • Microsoft Office 365 or other Cloud Exchange e-mail service
  • Application hosting-to move just one program or business operation to the cloud
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery-keep a live copy of your onsite server data in the cloud for speedy recovery
  • Telephone systems-the cloud handles all the call routing and phone line issues for you
  • E-mail security-filter out spam and viruses without bogging your server down
  • Cloud Network-move your day to day desktop operations to the cloud

These options can be done in a mix-and-match basis, so there is a lot of flexibility to match your expectations. Many companies start with just a few cloud options until a big server upgrade is needed. That's the perfect time to move the rest in and avoid that big cash expense.

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