7 Things We Do Better

You won’t find another computer repair company in The Twin Cities and Surrounding Areas that can promise you this:

  1. You Can Expect a Response From Us Within Two Hours-Typically Less. Our experienced, qualified technicians who can fix your computer problem will answer your call immediately, or will respond in typically less than sixty minutes. No waiting for hours wondering when you'll get a call back, if at all.
  2. Lightning-Speed Repair. Why wait for a consultant to drive to your location for your computer to be repaired?  Getting back to work quickly is important, so we offer remote support that allows our consultants to access your computer and fix problems right away.  If your problem does require an onsite visit, we will come out to your office as soon as possible.
  3. We Talk Like You Do. Computers and their problems are frequently very technical in nature.  We have a knack for explaining computer issues and how we are resolving them in a way everyone can understand.  You should feel confident about your decisions and know what you are paying for.
  4. Unconditional 100% Satisfaction is Yours - We Guarantee It. Our IT consulting and technology support services will give you the satisfaction you deserve. We'll go out of our way with our IT management services to make sure you are more than satisfied.
  5. No Disasters Waiting in the Wings. Feel secure your network and data will not be corrupted or lost in any of our processes to resolve your IT issues.  We will evaluate upgrades and network changes to eliminate any possible risks before we start any work. We always check regular backups and take extra backups during upgrades to ensure against data loss.
  6. All Projects Will Be Completed On Time and within Budget. As your trusted company to perform your computer services, we won't surprise you with unexpected charges as other companies do. We guarantee all completed IT support projects will be finished ON TIME and ON BUDGET.
  7. Accurate and Detailed Invoicing. Your invoice will be accurate and work details included.  Contact us immediately if you feel you did not receive the expected value on any work completed, and we will promptly review it with you.