How does the cloud help?

There's a lot of hype around the cloud right now. It's very difficult to know what you can really get out of it. Here are 6 solid benefits that apply to just about every small business in our area:

  1. Stop the server upgrade treadmill
  2. Please stop shelling out tens of thousands of dollar for server upgrades to then do it all over again in a few years! Cloud is billed monthly in bite-sized pieces and you can increase or decrease what you need from it monthly too. It's not like a lease either-you're not stuck with a bunch of old equipment at the end.

  3. Stop trying to run your own computer datacenter
  4. So many companies buy servers to run their office. Then they buy a battery backup. Then another air conditioner. Free up all that space and headache and stop trying to run your own server farm, it just isn't needed any longer.

  5. Instant disaster recovery-included
  6. You can spend probably more then what you paid for your server in backups and disaster recovery systems. Since the multi-million dollar datacenters the cloud lives in already have the best disaster recovery options (diesel generators for electricity, multiple internet connections, etc) it doesn't have to be added to each individual company-it's built-in.

  7. Uptime guarantee
  8. Most cloud offerings have an uptime guarantee of 99.9% or 99.99% (meaning no more then 86.23 minutes downtime or 4.32 minutes, respectively, each month). There is no guarantee on your in house systems and in fact it costs you more when you are down because you also have to pay to repair the problem.

  9. Spend half on needed equipment-keep it twice as long
  10. You will still need some basic desktops, monitors, laptops and a firewall. Because all of the heavy lifting happens on the cloud servers, you can buy much less powerful equipment to use. And for the same reason, you can keep that equipment roughly twice as long as you have in the past. There are even cloud terminals that are again less expensive that can work in many businesses.

  11. Remote access capability-included
  12. When using the cloud, you are always working pseudo-remotely, so setting employees up to work from home or on a laptop anywhere is easy. You don't have to worry about licensing or installing a bunch of software or virus-control either-the cloud is isolated from the computer that is accessing it.

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